A Safety Guide to Sunbathing

sunbathingWhether it is hot or cold outside, having a tan can give you a healthy glow that leaves you looking and feeling more attractive. However, in the pursuit of that glow, you should not put yourself at risk. By following some simple safety tips, you can get the tan you want without causing damage.

Avoid Excess UV

One of the biggest temptations tanners face is the accelerated colouring that comes with using a sunbed or foregoing sun cream. As UV rays are one of the biggest causes of cancer, and the primary cause of sunburn, minimising the amount you encounter is important. With regards to sunbeds, you should avoid using them altogether. It is estimated that they emit up to 15 times more UV rays than the sun, which can cause uncomfortable burns and lay the foundations for a skin tumour. When out in the sun, apply a sun cream that is at least factor 15 or above on an hourly basis. You will get a tan eventually, but without posing a large risk to your skin. Ideally, you should not expose yourself to too much sun time in general; not only will this increase your risk of cancer, it will also lead to sunstroke.

Taking Care of Yourself as You Tan

Whether you are sunbathing at home or abroad, you need to take some steps that will maintain your health. If you do not stay hydrated while sunbathing, you will soon find that you become dehydrated. Not only does dehydration make you feel uncomfortable, it can also cause sunstroke, which will cause you to experience flu-like symptoms for up to three days. In addition to this, you should hit the shade between 12 and 3pm. At this time of day, the sun is at its hottest, which means you are at greater risk of burning. Finally, do not underestimate the sun’s ability to damage your eyes; stick on a pair of great looking sunglasses, and you will keep them protected too.