Health Guidelines on Skin Painting Business


Several events and special holidays require participants to wear colourful and vibrant images well-painted on their skin. Having said that, this stem of talent has become a viable business for most artists that cater to groups or individuals that line up during festivals and mardi gras. Just for every artist-entrepreneur, take these simple skin safety guidelines before carrying out a rewarding venture.

The Paint

Of the many particular concerns in body painting, choosing suitable paint types is the most prioritised. There are several paint types that claim to be nontoxic or have safety guarantees. Though most skin paints carry these labels, it is always important to apply colourings, chemicals, and glitters that are approved by health agencies. And before applying these products to customers, always inquire their history of paint allergies.


Next critical supplies consideration is the cleanliness of brushes and sponges. With constant usage, these items may accumulate dirt and bacteria. In such case, these items must be properly sanitised through proper heating process. Observing good hygiene also includes avoidance of head lice and spread of skin infections.


Next up, map out the work space! With all the repetitive motions, bending, and twisting, artists will surely experience repetitive motion stress. It is for this reason that motion studies have to be done to minimise the impacts of rhythmic movement stress.

Red Tape

Before marketing your great talent in skin painting, always make sure to complete all necessary documents and legally required licenses. Every business has its own industry-specific requirements that have to be acquired, and the body painting business is no exception. If available, body painting entrepreneurs can even get skin-painting insurance. In some countries, there are niche insurance companies that cater to this service, especially targeted for clowns, entertainers and live-statue employees.
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